Production Equipment Company of South Texas

Production Equipment Company of South Texas, Inc. welcomes the opportunity to present our qualifications to your company regarding the supply and repair of wellhead equipment for your next drilling project.  We maintain only the highest standards of repair for all equipment included in our field.  We offer a competitive rate of repair and supply, but "DO NOT CUT CORNERS" to achieve this.  We firmly believe you cannot discount quality; therefore, we produce a superior product and maintain exceptional service.  Production Equipment Company - Offering you honest and integrity at the wellhead, a rare combination in the oil and gas industry today.

Thank you in advance for your consideration,

Billy Thomas - President




Production Equipment Company of South Texas was established in 1984. We have a combined employee wellhead experience of over 100 years.  We supply, repair and service only wellhead equipment.  We are here for our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at a moment's notice.

Our professional personnel have been in the oil and gas industry for many years serving all of your needs.  We are NOT a large company operating on the rule that "BIGGER IS ALWAYS BETTER."  We are a small company that believes "SAFETY, SERVICE & QUALITY IS PRIORITY."

We maintain a tough quality control program that demands perfection in all of the equipment that we represent as well as our remanufactured equipment and a line of API new equipment.

We enjoy the one-on-one communication we have with our customers that has enabled us to keep pace in the ever-changing oil and gas industry.

Please allow us to invite you to join our satisfied customer list, knowing that you will never have to second-guess the quality and service of your wellhead.